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PEC is less than half a week away, which is really exciting. please please please register if you haven’t done so already and want to be a part of this awesome experience!

also, as a reminder if you need any special accommodations or have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email us at bridge.pec2011@gmail.com we want to everyone to have a great time at PEC.

thanks, and we’ll see you there!



pec2011 is almost here!


just a reminder to register for PEC as soon as possible so we have a general headcount and know how much stuffs we need! it’s less than 2 weeks away, which is so soon! so please, REMEMBER TO REGISTER! you’re gonna miss out if you don’t.


ALSO, if you’re interested or want to do a workshop, make sure to fill out a workshop proposal as soon as possible.

woooo, go PEC!



Bambu from NATIVE GUNS and DJ Phatrick will be performing at PEC. Bambu will also be doing a workshop. This year’s PEC is an event you do not want to miss.

Here is his bio:

“Los Angeles, Watts 1998. After a rollercoaster history of juvenile detention stints secondary to gangbanging, Jonah Deocampo aka Bambu stood in front of a judge a few months before turning 18. The judge announced his ruling on two counts of armed robbery, releasing Bambu from his stay at Central Juvenile Hall – but, before sending him on his way, the judge aimed the young man into the direction of two US Marine Corps recruiters sitting in the back of the small courtroom, where he “strongly” suggested he take the proper steps to “changing” his life. Six years and two US conflicts later, Bambu came home from an “honorable” career in the US Armed Forces. Soon after coming home, he found himself back in a neighborhood that hadn’t seen the fruits of his “service” to the country. The neighborhood Bambu grew up in did not change… Childhood friends were strung out on drugs, murdered or suffering the same fate he dodged, in prison. In addition to absorbing such a harsh homecoming, Bambu realized that he had no recognizable skills to survive as a tax-paying civilian. He had no fall back plan.

Hip Hop was always around Bambu. From breakdancing on the basketball courts to rapping about everyday life in Los Angeles, the outlet existed and was enjoyed by most of his peers who lived in his immediate neighborhood, but nobody ever took it as a serious career path. The transition coming out of the military pushed Bambu back into that form of expression and soon he was recording songs in different home studios throughout the city. His first album, “self untitled…” (a collection of songs with no direction or intention of being part an album) first saw the light of day on the 10-year anniversary of the LA Rebellion of 1992 and the climb has been forward since. Soon after releasing that first LP, Bambu joined fellow Los Angeles emcee, Kiwi and Bay Area transplant, DJ Phatrick to create the now defunct, Native Guns group, who toured and gained a strong following within a niche community on the West Coast. After the disbanding of the group, DJ Phatrick and Bambu continued to do shows around the country and eventually built a reputation as strong live performers with compelling recorded work to boot. Bambu dropped his follow up solo album, “…i scream bars for the children…” in 2007 and “…exact change…” in 2008. His latest project, “…paper cuts…” dropped at the end of February, 2010 and has definitely solidified the emcee as one of Los Angeles’ best.

Bambu’s music is a direct reflection of his strong work in the community with youth and students in Los Angeles. Bambu is currently a Project Coordinator/Community Organizer with People’s CORE and a former Secretary General of Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB), Pro-People Youth. He has successfully established music/writing workshops called “Ready, Aim, Speak” in Echo Park, Watts, East Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and South Central Los Angeles.
In the Fall of 2010, Bambu, through Soul Assassins, released the “Los Angeles, Philippines” mixtape with the legendary DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill). Before the calendar shifted into 2011, the mixtape had already hit over 100,000 downloads and was featured on every major blog internationally.”

If you’re not familiar with his work here are links to some of his videos:


Hope to see ya’ll there !

less than 3 weeks left until pec, yeeeee!

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK EVENT: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=186085071422105

Remember to register as soon as possible, or do a workshop! Links are provided on the website.

PEC IS FREE, so come! There’s nothing to lose. =]


Register for PEC now!

The registration form for participants is available now on the website, so hurry and sign up for PEC!

(also, if you’re interested in doing a workshop, fill out an application as soon as possible.)

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Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference 2011
Crossroads: Where Our Journeys Intersect
Saturday, March 5, 2011
University of California, Davis

PEC 2011 is brought to you by BRIDGE. BRIDGE is a Pilipin@ American based Outreach and Retention Program. We were created in 1990 because of the steadily decreasing number of Pilipin@ students pursuing higher education, and became apart of UC Davis Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) in 1997. We focus on higher education and activism for high school and college students. We serve the UC Davis community, as well as the greater Sacramento and Northern California area.

PEC is a one-day event filled with workshops aimed at raising social, cultural and political awareness in the Pilipin@ community. Our mission is to bring forth social activism to the Pilipin@ community, hoping to redefine social and cultural expectations that are limiting that cause division and discrimination. The Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference is aimed at helping students open their minds, discover their potential, and become empowered through learning about their heritage and cultural identity.